Bone Biology Cupcakes

    In the early weeks of my human osteology and bioarchaeology course we had to cover a lot of terms, and a lot of ideas. Bone biology seemed to be the most daunting, and out of necessity, it was scheduled early in the term. I wanted to help the students remember the macro elements that we were discussing, so I decided (after checking for allergies) to make some illustrative cupcakes. 

    Trabecular bone was represented by the spongey cake

    The first layer of (chocolate) icing represented the cortical bone

    Sharpey's fibers were inidcated by the straight sprinkles, and... 

    the final layer of icing was meant to represent the periosteum. 


    Obviously some parts could not be represented (e.g., endosteum). But I think this mini-cupcake snack was a fun way to get the students thinking about bone bio early in term (when the vocab still seems quite daunting!). 



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